Meet the couple road-tripping from Argentina to Alaska πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

Belu and Lucho are taking their 1996 Volkswagen on a two-continent adventure. #k5evening

NORTH CASCADE, Wash. β€” In 2016, Argentinian couple Belu and Lucho felt the need for a simple life. Travel was always good for Belu, and old school cars are a natural passion for Lucho.

So it was not a big surprise when the idea to travel together across the continent in a classic 1996 Volkswagen Van came about.

We are talking about more than 8 thousand miles, starting from their native country in South America to Alaska.

β€œFor us traveling is so important to learn about life,” said Belu Bisotto. “We have learned a lot in this trip. We learned how to live simple.”

As we all know, not all trips go as planned. When the pandemic hit, borders closed and international travel bans went into effect. The duo got stuck in Mexico for more than a year.

The realization of understanding that timing was not important, what really matters is the memories you create and the friends you make.

β€œFreedom is the most important thing that I gain in this journey,” said Lucho Garnero.

As they finally crossed the border to the United States and made their way to the Northwest for more unique experiences, it was time to cross the border to Canada where again some traveling limitations were still in place. At the time tourists from Argentina were not allowed in Canada β€” and now that winter is around the corner, road conditions are soon to be less than ideal.

So, they decided to postpone the rest of the trip until Spring 2022.

β€œWe are so grateful and we love our life,” said Belu.

They wrote a book call Liberate (meaning “free yourself”), which shares their own experiences and tips for future travelers. You can also find them on the YouTube channel Viaje y Reite (meaning “travel and laugh”).

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Meet the couple road-tripping from Argentina to Alaska

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